Gallery :: Bal’ynaz :: Duergar City

Located in the depths of the Northern Thrym Mountains, this Duergar city is closed to all outsiders. They do however, open a controlled exterior cavern where they sell their goods and charge outsiders to use two of their many mines. Read more about Bal’Ynaz in the forums.

The Server Gnome Report

  Our senior In-Game News correspondent has been restored to duty. His new window into the world of Markshire now resides on the sidebar on every forum page.  He has updates every 5 minutes or whenever the pages refreshes.  If you would like to see if anything has changed sooner …

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Gallery :: About Foothold

The town of Foothold at the base of Thrym Pass is a plateau with two sides shadowed by mountains, a third leading into the mountains and the fourth point back in to Markshire.