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Lt. Tyler
  • Markshire PCs:

Are any of the positions or NPCs in the Mage Guild fleshed out at all?

When Monty joined the Guild, was there an initiation (thank you sir may I have another?), or something like that? And I remember a long time ago Muddy talking about Guild items. Any of those ever go?

I ask because currently there are a number of mages running about Markshire (makes my heart sing), and I was thinking of approaching some of them to see if there is interest in the guild. Aels’s Catani, Corgano’s Bram, and Ceorlas’s Nevin are all mages (or sorcerors, haven’t checked completely).

If there’s nothing really known, then one thing I considered would be a hierarchy consisting of a circle of equals. No mage worth her salt will completely put herself under the others who are at the same level, so there’s no real head honcho.

But instead, masters of the main schools of magic are determined (trial by spellduel or something. Yeah, the contest for Master Abjurer is gonna be FU-UN!), and then those masters come together to decide the actions of the guild.

Another fun thing might be to have one of the masters always changing, kinda like the drummer from Spinal Tap. (“…there was a little, green globule.”).

Other thoughts about how the NPC guild would interact with PC members?