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  • Markshire PCs:

Well, I had started fleshing out the mage’s guild building, but no one liked the design that much, and the fact that the areas were overloaded anyway kept it out of the game. We could try again, though.
I would definitely want some place where the mages could gather in secret and discuss mage things. Plus, it could be a place to dispense secret justice on mages that broke the rules, went too far, etc.
Day to day stuff could prolly be run by Monty, and then when it’s an event, the DM’s take over in the guise of the “Council of Mages” or something.
If we did do the interior of the Mages Guild (the exterior already exists), I would like to see it be a mystical place, with bubbling concoctions, secret stuff, and portals to weird places. I had added “cages” for strange and wondrous beasts the mages had brought back over time. A connection to “something” under the guild would be a priority as well, so that we could have adventures based on keeping whatever it is at bay, even if we just connect to an existing dungeon.
The reason I am so insistent on the structure is that it gives a central gathering point for RP and allows mage discussions in private without fear of being overheard. The place would be spelled or guarded against intrusion by outsiders.
I would think that mages would be allowed in without concern for their alignment, but of course the chaotic and evil would quickly be expelled for forbidden activities.
That’s my takes on the mages guild, subject as always, to correction/amplification by the Bones and Thrym.