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The hammer fell one last time. Sar set it to the side. as reached to grab his tongs without looking her realized they weren’t there turning to look he saw Karra standing there with them in her hand smiling up at him. she was such a beautiful little lady. saying nothing he just nodded. quickly Karra grabbed the red hot object with the tongs placing it in the water barrel to cool as she pulled it out Sar examine it grumbling he tosses it into another barrel he used for scrap.

Sar turned his attention back to his greatest treasure Yes?
are you sad Papa?
Now why would you think that?
No hon Just tired I been working on that one for quite a while
Papa why are you making a hand? Just pray
Its not so simple hon come lets go to Foothold and get us some supper
can I have pie?
Aye anything you want
Excitedly the little lady runs off to fetch her cloak and shawl. Sar turned his attention back to the scrap barrel pulling his latest work out looking it over he sighs and tosses it back. They were starting to take a better shape but still there was much practice needed. He turned and met Karra at the door and they headed off to Foothold for Lunch