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  • Markshire PCs:

I had an epic reply that was lost when my other machine crashed.. here’s the cliff notes version.

If this stuff is true than it’s pretty friggin heinous. Moreso in the STL game than the others though.

That STL offense was pretty darn good. Belicheat, Brady and Vinatieri get all the glory but make no mistake, that Pats D had something special for the STL offense on that day and they are the heros of this game. 3 turnovers, 1 was returned for a TD iirc and all but the final 3 Patriots points were direct results of said turnovers (very good to insane field position or scores).

He was fired in 03 which would mean he wasn’t around for the Pats/Panthers or Pats/Iggles Superbowls. If his allegations are true about the Rams game, they surely just used someone else to do the same for these.

The Pats D was monsterous at times vs Carolina and pretty much had the running game on lockdown (except for when 2 Pat defenders ran into one another and Foster squirted free and went airborn to cross the goalline). Delhomme after a shakey start had a great game though, over 300 yards passing, the longest pass play in SB history (bomb/stiffarm/runtothehouse) a nice rainbow/basketcatch toss to Smith and a late TD to Proehl with a minute and a half to go in the game. None of that mamby pamby dink and dunk stuff.. that’s for… 😉 He was slinging the ball all over and smacktalking, shouting and dropping the f bomb on the pats.. ah the angry/excited Jake… the good ol days.

So um.. the point of all that was to say that Carolina was still able to generate offense and score plenty of points. They just couldn’t stop Brady… no sacks and the db’s looked utterly retarded at times (way out of position, guys totally uncovered downfield etc. it was friggin awful) and at the worst times, the end of each half when the Pats moved the ball effortlessly through the air and scored.

Did you know that in that entire postseason, Brady was never sacked.

that’s as amazing as it is disgusting wiith the front 4 we had (they were never as good after 03).

/front 4 derail the reply lament on

After that, Buckner got old in a big hurry, Jenkins spent nearly the entire 2 following seasons on IR, by time he came back, Buck was gone and replaced by Kemoeatyou and Rucker had lost 2 to 5 steps. Opportunity lost…. oh, Peppers was still himself until this season but the other 3 spots have been in a rotational mess thus far. Our current DC sucks too, Dropping Peppers back into coverage or out into the flats more than 1 or 2 times a game probably isn’t going to fool anyone, or use his abilities at their best.

/front 4 derailing lament off

Anyways, Carolina coudn’t stop the Pats passing attack when it counted.. that’s why we lost, not because we couldn’t generate offense/points.

The Iggles lost because DMac is a vomiting chunky soup eating mamma’s boy that failed in his moment of championship opportunity. pass for no gain, inc, int to end the game.

I kid, I kid, about the chunky soup/mammas boy stuff anyways. I’m actually a McRibb fan. He just had a bad, bad day.

If the Pats continued to do this crap after Walsh left then wth does the NFL do?

I’ve rambled enough. I do give a damn though, this just sucks for the league and every fan equally if dude is telling the truth. I hope this isn’t true.

If you do need a new team? Our expansion brothers in Jville are headed in the right direction.