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  • Markshire PCs:

There’s something, pretty wrong with the franchise here in Carolina. We’ve got a lot of the right pieces, player and staff wise, but it’s just not got cohesiveness. The last week has been less than, encouraging.

Our coordinators just do the darndest things sometimes. On Arizona’s first drive I was going bonkers, pleading with Trgovac via telepathy (okay okay, through the television) that his weak ass zone plan wasn’t going to work… and seriously, when you’ve got 2 weeks to friggin prepare for the AZ Cardinals that “D” we sported was the best idea he had?

Davidson was equally crap-your-britches bad. Down 10 points we went straight into pass wackyness. While, the forward pass is cool and all, I question any offensive coordinator that thinks short and intermediate west coast type crap is a good idea with our WR’s and Jake (especially so when he’s “Bad Jake”). Seriously, wth is anyone other than a RB or FB doing running a flat route?

Dunno how much of this is Fox tbh. He’s loyal to a fault with some players/coaches (insert Fox guys that stuck around 2 seasons too long here) but others get shown the door… others that have done well in their new setting (Jenkins, McCree, Witherspoon)

Now Peppers wants out

Why is that so odd? It’s odd because he’s normally a very very private dude. There was a statement released by his publicist a couple hours ago. He’s not interested in renegotiating with the team (unrestricted FA). It appears that he’s terrified that Carolina will franchise him. I have a feeling we won’t, we’ve never played hardball with a player like that before.

Anyway, t’was a season of opportunity lost. We’ve got a few younger players that have what it takes and some big ass question marks.