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Here’s a portion of a message I sent to the rest of the band members about the video game earlier today.

@Horsepower wrote:

I wanted to pass along the news that the game is completed! I finished it earlier this afternoon, marking the end of a long stretch of me curled up in front of my computer plugging away at this thing. I think I spent close to 20 hours or so this week alone to make the game work. But I’m VERY happy with how it has turned out, and I think you all will find it very entertaining.

DMFS Escape is currently for PC only, and weighs in at about 30MB in size. At this point, I want to upload it to my website, but I need to find a suitable FTP client and set that up properly to make it happen (my current setup only allows files of 10MB or less in size to be uploaded).

Here’s a run-down of the game and the basic controls:

Use the ARROW keys to move the band members around. Dodge the weepy emo kids, crooked club owners, and grumpy critics, while collecting cash on your way to Captain Mediocrity’s truck. Pick up beer mugs and chuck the empties at your enemies to knock them out and pick up some quick cash. Collecting $500 results in you earning a Kashgrab Kredit from your band manager, Kris Kashgrab, which will allow you to unlock bonuses and secrets for use in successive plays. These are:

JOURNEY ESCAPE VEHICLE: summon the battery-powered might of the Journey Escape vehicle from that one Journey album cover that one time.
BEER O’CLOCK: pick up a six pack of beers and toss the empties at your enemies at will.
DMFS PHOTO ALBUM: see photographs of the Flute Squad in action while you play!
DMFS JUKEBOX: listen to live recordings of The Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad while you play, with six full-length recordings from which to choose!
AMERICAN BAND VERSION: Knock out the judges with your empty beers…it’s the only way to save the show’s plummeting ratings!
50-BAG OF CHEETOS: collecting 50 snack pouches results in a BIG-ASS POINT BONUS!

…So there you have it. It’s been over a year to finish it, but it really is something worth experiencing at least once. I’ll have it available online soon enough.