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From the misty beyond, it’s a DMFS update…

The Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad has finally secured a New York gig. It’s been too long in coming, for certain, but it’s finally happening.

July, 12 2008 at The Knitting Factory
74 Leonard St., New York, New York 10013

I assume doors open around 8pm or 9pm. More details on the way, if you need them.

And we have a new bassist (part of the reason we’ve been silent for these past few months). The Pikesville Gynecologist graduated college back in December, and after a trip to Israel (seriously) promptly moved to Brooklyn, NY, to work on his solo career. Kokomo Jackson (normally on keyboards for the studio recordings) has been sitting in on bass for our few public appearances, most notably our Ocean City show late this past January. But for the long term, King Crispin will be joining the official lineup as soon as his lodgings in Baltimore have been secured.

To celebrate his arrival, a new DMFS video game is being created! In DMFS: Curtis Joins The Band, guide Curtis through several different mini-game challenges (each featuring a different challenge and different member of the band) so he can earn his place among DMFS’ Mediocre Best.

Since we haven’t been doing shows, we’ve been working on new material, including collaboration with a fellow music maker Jason Mullinax of Pilesar & The Quagmire. These full-length releases are planned for later this year, perhaps around late Autumn.

That’s all for now. Our next gig is the one listed above in New York. Hope to see some familiar faces. 🙂