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I never knew the human body could hold that much… material.

Observations from my trip:

Markshire hats are not wind resistant to 75mph.

No one wants a Red Bull handed to them in their car from another car at 75mph.

Hot dogs from ice cream stands are bad. BAD I SAY!

Brak makes me laugh.

T drives the one pedal method. One pedal MUST be pressed at all times. With extreme prejudice.

I would be doomed in NYC’s public transit system by myself. Unless the nice girl in the white dress was there. She was helpful.

I like Thai food. I had my first genuine stuff, and I’ll be back. I blame the hot dog.

I like small clubs for intimate settings. It’s even better with a good bartender.

The DMFS attracts bewbs. Don’t ask me why, or how. Just accept it.

I hadn’t moshed/pogo’d in a long time.

George W. rocks.

I met Janis Jopplin. She moshes too.

Drunk women stagger out of cabs and fall down 30 feet later at 2:30 am in NYC. I at least made it a couple of blocks.

Good friends will drive in to the city and rescue you.

Good friends will accept you HAVE to have McDonalds at 3am, and take you through the drive thru in their car because those jerks won’t talk to people that walk up.

It was very pleasant in Pleasantville Saturday. Nice enough to sleep outside.

On lawn furniture.

Apparently sleeping friends are good for throwing combos at.

Good friends have tolerant wives.

I mention the way T drives? Maybe it was my condition. I need a call on this one from a third party.

I hate hospitals. Even ones with pretty nurses.

IV’s aren’t bad going in. Coming out… not so much. My arm is still purple.

Not eating for nearly three days will make you weak.

Next stop… Baltimore?