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  • Markshire PCs:

On a serious note (for once), Richard left the band today. He has to hold down a job and finish school (one semester left, five classes). He’d been missing a lot of rehearsals lately, and we all felt it best that he step down.

Our current drummer slot is not finalized, though we’ve imported DrumBot200X as a sit-in until we find a completely human drummer to take the spot.

mule, the show in DC is canceled Tuesday next week. Sorry, man.

…If anyone knows any percussionists in the Baltimore Metro area willing to wear ridiculous costumes and play along to songs with titles such as:

–Don’t Let Jesus Ruin Your Day
–Big Fist
–Gimme Somethin’ I Heard Of
–Make It Rain In My Mouth
–Show Us Your Boobs, Buy Me A Beer

…don’t hesitate to send them our way. Thanks. 🙂