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@Horsepower wrote:

Hello Brothers & Sisters–

We, the Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad, ask you: “Are you prepared for the
sonic sexperience of a lifetime?”

Wallow in your own shame as you admit, “No, Horsepower, I surely am not!”

We understand; we feel your pain. We remember what it was like to be mere
mortals before we were endowed with the status of Rock Gods. And that is
why we are granting unto you the chance to redeem yourselves at this

This coming Saturday, DMFS will grace the stage at Fletcher’s, smacking,
flipping, and rubbing down some of our greatest feel-good hits (like the
impeccably reverent “Don’t Let Jesus Ruin Your Day”) in addition to new
material…Quite literally, some of our largest songs to date (“Big
Check,” “Big Fist”).

And lest you fathom leaving empty-handed, we’ve FREE “Baltimore Music
Scene Survival Kits” (while supplies last) and will be selling NEW

But most bowel-shakingly important…The debut of Drumbot 200X! The best
damn robot drummer at this year’s Baltimore Music Conference (I assure

A wise man once said, “The price of discipline is always less than the
pain of regret.” It is in the spirit of such dubiously-attributed quotes
that we invite you to straighten up and fly right, to join us for the
BALTIMORE MUSIC CONFERENCE! Sandwiched between four other bands they’ve
never heard, DMFS will live forever or die trying.

WHEN: Saturday, 20th September; doors at 8:30ish, we go on around 11pm
WHERE: Fletcher’s in Fell’s Point
701 S Bond St
Baltimore, MD 21231

For more info about the Baltimore Music Conference, check out their website:


The Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad is:
Nikc Grandma’s Dikc: rhythm guitar, vocals, leader
Father Ryan O’graham: lead guitar, double guitar
Horsepower: mouth noises, kazoo
Captain Mediocrity: vocals, intimidation factor
King Crispin: bass guitar
DrumBot 200X: take a wild guess (and no, DrumBot 200X doesn’t knit)