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This past weekend, Sycla decided to explore the Cona Mine, and kill everyone in it. Her motivation is that she’s tired of the Markshirians being in the mountains near her home. And although it’s close to the Markshirian settlements, she also wants to see if the Mine is worth invading and permanently setting up as an Ivory Spire post.

I will post something about this in the Foothold Bulletin Board. Details will be sparse, but will generally warn people away from making non-essential trips out to the Cona Mines and areas north. It will mention nothing about the specific killings.

Inquiries to the guards will be directed to Captain Hillar. Initial questions will indicate that there had been some scuffles out there, and the guard is warning people to stay away unless they’re part of the guard themselves. Acquaintances and confidants of the Captain will learn that it did not appear to be “just another humanoid raid;” a disciplined warrior or group of warriors had sneaked into the Cona Mines and slew all guards, laborers, and prisoners. It did not appear that magic was involved.

As an aside: nothing may come of this at all from the other players, but it may be worth expanding if anyone takes the bait. I’m just coming back into the swing of things and reacquainting myself with Sycla and her abilities. If necessary, I’ll put together a thread in the DM Events forum to keep all folks aware of developments.