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Lt. Tyler
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@Monty wrote:

Aw, maaannn! You shoulda let Vlan and I know about that concert – He was a BIG Maiden fan, until he got old and married and had a kid, and got senile……. 😀


Too bad! They did play the Meadowlands and the Garden on this tour. But I think now all the US dates are done, adn they’re off to Europe.

No way too old! My brother has two kids, and there were other old folks at the concert. But I was very surprised, pleasantly so, at how many younger peeps around (25 and less). Given that most of the songs were that old or more, I think that’s pretty cool.

That reminds me that I did see some awesome shirts, from a Nordic tour they did recently: Eddie as a viking, with round shield and big axe. Very Markshirian!

@mule wrote:

so how much of that concert did you sit for?

Yeah, just about none at all, maybe Fear of the Dark. The rest was standing and pumping fists and devil horns (which I’m teaching the boy. He can’t quite do them, lacking the manual dexterity, but he’ll throw out a twisted fist and yell, “DEWIL HORNS DADDY!”)