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  • Markshire PCs:

Thanks for the feedback, mule. I knew about the first, but hadn’t noticed the second…I tend to close and restart while I’m testing and building the games, so I completely missed it.

The bugs-on-the-convoy issue is something a lot of people have complained about. I’ll fix it this coming weekend; I have a couple of things to implement to make it work…

–the truck not stopping when attacked (I added the convoy stopping when being damaged, but now I think it’s pretty silly)
–the stun gas preventing the bug from causing damage to the convoy. This works for the player, but not for the convoy vehicle.
–making all this work together while the convoy truck is still moving…I like the idea of the convoy being swarmed by bugs crawling all over it.

What do you think of this?
–bugs that touch the convoy head-on are crushed and run over, as the truck keeps moving. I can set up a collision point at the “front bumper” of the convoy to do this.
–the player bullets passing through the truck, and not causing damage? Honestly, this one I don’t want to implement, though I might if the design-to-be still poses a serious game-play issue.