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The Wall Day 2650

“You warm enough Val?” Darius inquired, then recoiled expecting a harsh response from the volital Valgrimm, but he did not answer. Nightshift on the wall, a particularly cold nightshift. Darius, now a guard Seargent was visiting Valgrimm, as he did most nights, before he headed off to his residence. Though Valgrimm hadn’t said much lately as he continuously pulled nightshifts on the wall. Darius hoped to keep Valgrimm’s spirits up, as he had become increasingly bitter and antisocial. And so like the previous few nights, Darius stood with his friend, overlooking the untamed frozen tundra.

“There was a woman..”

“Huh,” Darius’ trance was broken, hearing Valgrimm speak, “What woman?”

“You’ve been wonderin’ all this time why I am always stuck up here. Why they want to make me quit, so I’m tellin’ ya, ya damn fool.”

Darius stood amazed, and listened intently, not wanting to interupt Valgrimm.

“A met this woman, ya see, and we..well we hit it off….*pause*..too well. Turns out she wasn’t just no woman, but a noble woman…and a noble man’s wife at that.”

Darius gasped.

“Seems this nobleman had friends in high places…”

“What became of her?” Darius asked.

“Don’t know, they left the city shortly after, never saw her again.”

Not wanting to press any further the two friends stood in silence, and kept watch over Gastlinyk’s great gate.