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Moving from Building to building staying close to the shadows.Out of sight and out of mind. Death was everywhere He came across a old abandon caravan wagon looking around sure that nothing was going to see him he bolts for the Door listens for a moment grabs the latch, it opens good he look inside its dark but no movement suddenly he hears the buffet of large wings and the Scream of a Dragon but not one of the blues this one was different not that it mattered. Fighting dragons was work more suited to the likes of Aelswith Belferon Keli or even Monty Three Card they Had Large blades or Magic a short sword and dagger was quick quiet work not for dragons. Besides He was here on recon he was looking for something and it wasn’t a fight he wasn’t sure what he was looking for but he would know it when he found it. He had been coming to this death trap of a city 3 to 4 times a week ever since his whipping he knew that he wasn’t trusted in foothold regardless of his change of heart. And he understood why many times he was tempted to return to his old ways even as far as a trip to the spine here and there but he always resisted. He knew that wasn’t the life for him he had tasted what the others had and he wanted that. The comely elf he met the other day was rather nice but he knew that it wouldn’t go far in his haste to impress he lied about who he was told her his name was Korbin. It was foolish and he knew it And he also knew that he would forever in her eyes be a lier. He shook the though from his head as he went about searching through the Boxes, chest and every nook and cranny in the Wagon looking for anything That might help against the titan and his minions. So artifact a tome anything that may help.
Satisfied that what he was looking for wasn’t in here he cracked the door open and listen. All was quiet apparently the Dragon had moved on slightly curious as to what had happen he did the same moved on staying to the darkest of the shadow moving as silently as possible. He continued in hes search refusing to give up he had friends to save.