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  • Markshire PCs:

Behold and Arise ! as I Necro an old thead. A very worthy one as well. Thanks BTP.

Anyone that knows me knows I play guitar and I’ve played for some time ( 20 years now ). I love the sound and feel of it. I play for myself and it takes me to that happy place we all have ( as beer does as well ).

I love Jimi, as anyone who plays guitar does. I also have a great respect for Richie Kotzen. He has evolved from his old Shrapnel days of pure speed to an amazing musician. I think he is “the man “as far as guitarists go. His talent is off the charts.

So what to do when the two worlds meet ?

My ” guy/chosen one ” meets Hendrix… Could go either way really. I’ve been thrown out of bars for defending Jimi against all comers and consider him sacred.

He fingerpicks it….and kills the vocals.

Mind Blown. Jealousy Overdrive.

BTP- I want you to note the use of those touch harmonics I taught you. Not all crazy, just perfect little fills.