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  • Markshire PCs:

I’ve been listening to more early 90’s gangster rap lately. I’m talking about Ice T’s album “Original Gangster”…Something about his theatrics and production plucks all my heart strings in good ways. There’s even a Body Count track on their that makes me chuckle.

And I have a compilation cassette (…yeah! I can play it in my car!) from the late 90’s that has Wu Tang Clan, Grand Puba, and Das EFX on it…interspersed with Clutch, Moby, and some indie/hard rock bands. It’s one of the most train-wreck-tastic mix tapes I’ve ever heard.

Meanwhile, I found a cassette tape of Credence Clearwater Revival’s greatest hits album, and listen to that fairly frequently. “Lodi” is currently my favourite song of theirs.