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Vala has been Ceorlas’ character online more often as of late, and is eager to move forward on the roleplaying of removal of the gloves. Ceorlas is doing a GREAT job of following the RP guidelines with the gloves.

Offered a RP encounter today, where the gloves tempted Vala to kill, and she successfully resisted and RP’ed it out. Vala also interacted at length with Kareena, the counter girl at Anastasia’s shop today, gossiping about some other warriors (Keliana in particular) and the goings-on in the Laatneer district.

Other characters (in parenthesis is the model used to represent them)

Mykki (Gypsy, Female): purchased a dress at Anastasia’s while Vala was in. Later met with Vala that night, along with her companions, in the Laatneer district. Part of a trio of wandering gypsies who spend time between Stonemark and Starcroft, following the seasons.

Adric (Gypsy Warrior): assumed leader of the trio. Encouraged by Vala to head south of Starcroft to seek steady, safer work on Vala’s family’s farm.

There was also a third member of the party (Gypsy, Male) who didn’t speak, but instead played a lute.

The three of them set up a campfire at the ruins near the ship docked in the southwest section of Laatneer. There were no interpersonal relationships clarified during their meeting with Vala, so all these can go any way you like; please document here for future reference.