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1. Player ID

2. Character Name
Vala Fei’makiir

3. PrC Sought

4. Why you think your character fits into or deserves the PrC sought.
Gradual devolvement from good aligned Cleric of Sif to evil intentioned mass murderess (Stonemark Stangler). Though the transition was effected by the gloves she inadvertently cursed herself with she has now become full evil oriented and is unlikely to seek revertion to her good standing even if the gloves are successfully removed.
Currently she bases at The Ivory Spire and sallies forth with her favourite Succubus Companion to collect venom glands from the more prolific sources (Bloodspray orcs most often). She uses these in her experiments and studies in producing and applying venoms to weapons.

5. Describe an event that defines the way your character fits into the PrC’s parameters.
[Vala: Just when you thought it safe to exit the temple]
Vala’s biography depicting slow but increasing slide to evil. The first victim is Hon-tae (Spymaster Gend), second is Boppi Baulnurd (Aelswith) with several unamed, unknown citizens referred to as being ‘interred’ and so hidden in Harrow Court.

[Keli, short for .. .. Keli !] JULY 12 – JULY 30
Kelliana’s biography describing pursuit, capture and escape of Vala, whereby she takes the final step into evil

6. Name two people (staff or player) that would agree with your assessment and back your concept.
Opinvu. Everybody else.