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No longer would the child be alone. where once there was one now there were many. Working together to insure that the child survived. many spirits that had found a common understanding. that all shared one vessel not just any vessel this one was innocent as well as an excellent ability to change it was there that each spirit had found a new home.

At first it was the perfect plan for all. It was the Oldest wisest and most benevolent of spirits that first saw the error of the plan. They were the first to set an example by leaving. At first The child resisted fearing she would be alone. But as each one left leaving behind nothing more than there memory and love for the child She began to realize that she was a child no more. and started to crave freedom.

Kayla began striving to push herself out above the rest, and while some Spirits saw this as a sign it was time to go others burrowed in my deeper fearing the unknown.