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Kayla walks quietly into the temple. Being respectful to the followers of the one eyed god. She was not here to pray she came on occasion to trade herbs and roots to the good Priest Father Ryche N’wahs well trading is a loose term she simply gave them to him in exchange for his support and kindness. He was a contributing factor in her life for the many liberties she enjoyed in Foothold. Although it was Sir Aeton that had arranged for Kayla to be given permission to roam Foothold in her animal forms, it was Father Ryche that spoke with the people of Foothold telling them that the Large animals with the glowing collars were in fact their protectors. In time mothers started allowing their children to approach the large black cat that could be found laying in the snow near the guard shacks. Seemed the children never had anything to fear when that Cat was around. They would play around her sometimes pulling on her ears or tail with never as much as a growl from her. Yes Father Ryche N’wahs was a good man and Kayla Evergreen was ever grateful.

Kayla left the herbs roots and a few toys and items that she had rescued from the Orcs Ogres and Kobolds that would on occasion raid caravans, she would wash the stink from them mend any tears and then drop them off at the Charity box for Father Ryche to distribute to the local children and some even found there way to Yar and as far as Stonemark. Once this had been done she went to a far corner set her pack down pulled a key from her pocket spoke the words and a magical chest appeared. she then began the task of sorting through her pack something that was long over sue as she was beginning to have trouble finding things she needed.
As Kayla was moving things she had no immediate use for into her chest and pulling things that she would need out of her chest she came across a small orb that struck her curiosity. Now understand Kayla was considered Flighty by many and never was she considered a scholar by anyone but this was where they were mistaken Kaylas mind was sharp as a tack and she could remember where she got everything in her possession but this orb was a mystery.
The Harder she tried to remember the cloudier it got. And then came the sudden realization.

“STOP IT NOW!!!” Kayla screamed
the priest in the room suddenly stop in there prayers looking up toward the usually quiet girl confused as to the nature of her outburst.
Suddenly she begins to pace yelling and screaming talking about betrayal and how she had trusted this unseen entity Yelling and screaming “GET OUT NOW!!!” and then as suddenly as it began she grabbed her pack and ran for the door.
As soon as Kayla was outside she shift into a Rather large Metallic Dragon and took flight heading east. It happen so Fast that the guards had no time to react by the time they realized what was happening the Dragon was gone only one guard actually saw Kayla shift the others only saw a Dragon appear in front of the Temple scream and then take flight.