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The Large Silver Dragon Flew high under cover of the cloud until she Came upon Arik. Dropping altitude She spotted a small group of Alhoons apparently scouting the area near Loki’s temple. Suspecting these creature were in some way responsible for he current plight she went into a dive. Right before she hit the ground she breathed in deeply and exhaled a cloud of toxic gas as they began choking she landed in the middle pinning three of then to the ground, grinding the one pinned by her rear leg across the desert floor turning it into a streak of blood before sending its dead body flying into another knocking it back against a pile of stone.
Turning her attention to the two under her front claws she stood up on her rear legs brought the one in her right claw up to her head she promptly bit its head off and tossed it to the side and spitting the head out on to the ground at the feet of one more standing in front of her as the Alhoon behind her was getting back up on its feet she swung her tail swatting it back against the stones again this time it left a trail of blood as it slide down the rock in a broken crumpled heap on the desert floor.
The last one looked down at its companion and back up at the huge angry beast before it, it tried to get a spell off unsuccessfully that is as it was still choking from the gas. The Dragon reached down and grabbed it with one claw then reaching with the other She pulled it apart at the waist dropping the pieces she stretched her neck out and screamed before returning to her natural form and seeking refuge in the abandon temple.

Inside the temple was a strange sight indeed many suspected Kayla of being daft but had they seen this it would have confirmed their suspicious as she began to pace the floor apparently arguing with herself.

“Well Perhaps not by you.”
her pacing slows as her breathing
“I know”
“You have been my Favorite”
“no…no I don’t want YOU to go just the others”
“But I don’t remember”
“Well I guess it wont hurt to look around”
“Yes I do know it was near here”
“Thank you”
“I am Tired I must rest before we go searching”

Kayla reaches into the severely disarranged pack and pulls out her blanket and a small worn and faded doll she has used for a pillow for as long as she could remember lays down and quickly falls asleep
“I love you Roxim”