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Kayla had spent many days and night in the lost city working to purge the once benevolent spirits that had taken residence her. Now most of the benevolent ones had left leaving behind those that fear for there own existence, some trying to take control. If not for Roxim they would have succeed. But the ancient Silver would have none of that. He has seen what was to come and even though it could be his downfall buried himself deep within Kaylas mind. Finally showing himself once he sensed her need for aid in cleansing her mind together they worked to remove any that refused to leave. Only then would he leave. But he knew that Kayla could not win this fight in a single day That she would have to go home to her grove to rest and remember who she was before. It was one of these trips home that the Cat would want to hunt and explore her home.

The large Black Panther entered the city of foothold as she always did climbing the log walls the protected the city and then began moving from building to building staying low and close to there walls. It wasn’t that she needed to sneak she had permission to be here it was just fun for her sneaking up behind certain City guards getting in as close as she could and then purring loudly to announce her presence, many would turn and jump with a start only to laugh “Ha ahh There kitten you gave me a start again!” The Cat knew who she could do this to and who did not care for her joke. For those her Favorite Prank was to jump off a wall or rooftop and land at there feet Startling them into a angry fit only to run away and go lay down near Sir Aetion and wait for them to come running up complaining while she lay there purring eating what ever treat had been given to her. Occasionally there would be a scolding but mostly the victim in question would just leave without saying a word grumbling incoherently.
But this day the Cat was not in the mood for games. Her curiosity was getting the best of her there were many of the man caves she had not been in and she wanted to explore. That was when she saw Kurm Reyer run past the wagon she was hiding under and run into the brewery the smell coming from there were not bad at all not like the smell of death that came from the tannery. But kinda like the smells that came from the Red Dragon Inn except there was no smell of cooked meat that she didn’t care for. Looking around seeing no one looking her way she leaped from under the wagon and ran for the open door of the brewery. Once inside she stood by the door waiting for her eyes to adjust to the light watching Rinos walking back and forth working his art she never notice Kurm watching her, eying her collar that shined letting the towns people and city guards know that this Cat was no Man Eater

“Aye I know of you” He reaches into his pack pulls out a fresh fish and sets it down by his side.
The Cat looks from Rinos to Kurm to the fish walks over looks back to Kurm then to the Fish again lays down and begins Purring loudly as she eats. Kurm make some kind remarks to her before heading back to work The cat finishes her snack then makes her way over the a large oven lays down and takes her nap undisturbed but Pushy self serving guards, insolent children that like to pull her tail or blind ignorant adventures “doing their part to keep foothold safe by attacking the sleeping cat by the Well” that just so happens to have a glowing collar.
Yes indeed this was a very good place for a nap and a very Kind friend she had made.