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  • Markshire PCs:

Kayla has taken up an invite by Gustov Reyer to investigate the Cona Mines. She discovered miner corpses being burned in funeral pyres just outside the mine, and the entire area guarded by Stonemark Elite.

After speaking with a prisoner miner, she learned that neither the miners (all replaced with prisoners once the terror began) or the mine guards know what’s causing these deaths. There have been no survivors of previous attacks. There seems little evidence of what or who is responsible for the attacks, either. She has pledged to assist the miners in solving this dilemma.

Offered some RP awards for creative thinking and sneaking about Cona and Cona Mine in animal form. The interviewing of the prisoner was also a nice choice, and helped her learn more about the situation (and ruling out the guards as being responsible in the process). I think Sar is totally digging this situation.