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Quinne Volick
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Page 98…
Well my diary, I am happy to tell you I am not loosing my mind. For a time there I thought I was slipping into maddness. My nightmares, like many other of the people in the land, had started to affect me greatly….even to the point my days and dreams started to blend together. After some long thought on the subject I have been able to separate the two, and can say that I feel much better for it.
I did not whip those men, I did not stab a small boy and dump him in the river…..I am not a monster. I had to work though this on my own. I didn’t know who I could trust, who could help….so it took a lot longer then it should have and have lost some people who could have been dear friends.
I’ve started to talk to people again, I think I may even be starting up a friendship with Tamer…..that would be nice, as I don’t have many.
So all is going good I would say, wish me luck.

Page 101…
I found a new way to focus my energy, I have a gem crafting student now. He seem a bit high strung and he has a bit of an ego, But I’m hopeful he will work out.

Page 105…
This guy is a nightmare!!!! All he does is talk about how much of a stud he is and lies endlessly. I’ve shown him a few thing, he seems to have a knack for it. I told him there was nothing else I could teach him…….he still comes around. So I use him to fetch things and run errands, at least it keeps him out of my hair.

Page 107…
If he takes off his pants around me one more time, I swear, what a pervert!!!