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I’d like to revisit this storyline. Focus would be primarily on allowing PCs to have a golem follow them into the wilderness; the PC would then report back to their gnomish associate with how things went out there. Procession of events will go something like the steps listed below.

This is more appropriate for lower-level PCs, as building and construction is not required for participation. Actually storming the Gate is out of the question, unless the PCs are extremely foolhardy or this continues into when the current crop of PCs is of higher level.

1. Post a notice on the Bulletin Board about a “field testing team” needed for some of the Auger Bit Syndicate’s work. Generous compensation included.

Approach PCs in person with messengers, followed by an appointment with a gnome representative, if necessary.

Interviews for the position include summarizing the goal of the testing sessions–stress tests on new equipment–and the fact that the PC is responsible for reporting the prototype’s effectiveness.

2. A set time and place is determined for delivery–most likely just outside Stonemark, or perhaps in the Arena next to the stables–and the player is set to lead the construct on adventures.

The gnome instructs the PC on the voice commands needed to control the prototype (someone like Panitha, for example, would not be able to effectively control the construct).

I’ll double-check to see how the auto-follow widget works, so if several PCs are involved there will be one particular character followed by the construct.

3. The golem fights along with the PC; set faction to Defender or something like that to minimize foul-ups.

4. Introduce substantial quirks in the golem’s performance. For example, if coming across a range of choppable trees or destructible rocks, it will leap into them with abandon. Also, subtlety is not the strength of these constructs, so sneaking around is right out. Maybe whenever it goes into battle, the DM can place debris/junk items all over the ground nearby to indicate the construct’s wear and tear. There’s a lot of freedom in this area; depending on how the PC recalls this information for the debriefing at the end with the gnomes, any end-of-session XP reward can be adjusted accordingly.

5. Include at least one significant battle encounter, where the PC would definitely be outclassed without the assistance of the construct. This is particularly effective if the player leads their PC to an area they would not have explored otherwise, knowing that things are tough in that area.

6. Perhaps end the sessions with a spectacular light and sound show when the construct explodes in several pieces. Maybe fires are started nearby and need to be extinguished or whatever.

If the PC comes back to civilization with an intact construct, then the gnome will generally fuss about the condition of the creation–vacillating between extremes of “I can’t believe you put my beautiful creation through such abuse!” and “Why didn’t you push it harder?!?! Didn’t think it was tough enough–is that what you’re trying to say?!?!”

In any case, allow a decent financial compensation package, as well as an XP bonus for putting up with the construct’s odd behaviour.


There is no deadline or timetable set for this, other than “eventually.”

Any suggestions or input on this idea?