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  • Markshire PCs:

I’d say for starters, the players can determine where to go. If they’re dawdling, then of course have the construct experience a malfunction of some sort, and it starts wandering off in a random direction, chopping down trees, or bashing rocks, or hacking at ice beetles. The player(s) should have an idea of where to go and give the construct a true test.

And yeah, the ice troll cave is a valid and distinct possibility. There’s another one up north in the Cona Mountains, not far from the entrance to the Spire as well, which has only a single troll residing within (along with some snow leopards, I think).

If all that fails, simply throw some creatures at them using the Creator. They’ll have enough adventure with some crazy-ass robot to follow around, one way or another.

Bottom line:

— If the players have an agenda, let them lead the construct.

— If they don’t, or are simply wasting time, then Control the construct and do the leading for them until they get the message.