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@BeyondThePale wrote:

Those Dragons are awesome Osay. You paint them?

No, but I have some extra from an earllier series, I was thinking of repainting. They come the way you see them from McFARLANE Toys…this is Series 7. I missed a few of the others so I am in the prosses of finding them on Ebay and what not, got the 8th series on preorder. If you want to check out any of the other they are in this list:

@mule wrote:

I was wondering the same. They do look cool. Do you favor any one companies figures? I know there a few each with their own style.
– mule

McFarlane Toys
Diamond Select Toys, they release Stargate Sg-1
NECA – National Entertainment Collectibles Association, they got the Cult Classics, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the new AvP looks cool: