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@Valgrimm wrote:

I can one up you in “I’m such a geek”. I have a massive Star Wars collection….and I do mean massive

I really started to think about the one up statement and while you do have a massive collection I’ll bet you don’t waste time building custom bases and doing repaints of figures do you?
If no…I got you beat……not sure if I should be proud of that or not? 😆
Here is sone stuff I’ve done:
(these pictures are done with my older camera, so they suck a bit)
Freddy with Boiler:

Jason on the dock at Camp Crystal Lake:

And for those of you who watch Stargate SG1, I had some extra gate parts so I put together a “offworld” gate. All the “stone” is made from Styrofoam.
Here with Jaffa guards and an Apophis figure I made for an extra Serpent Guard.
….told you I was a geek! 😀