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  • Markshire PCs:


Okay… So I broke down and got ME & a 360. I loved KotOR I and II. I also loved a game called Starflight I and II.

Mass Effect plays basically like KotOR, but set in the Starflight universe where you could fly to various systems, and land on planets and find interesting things like ruins or pirates or crashed ships!!!

The list goes on and on.

I love this game!!! So, what character class are you playing? I went with an Engineer because he sounded cool… BUT, I play him more like a soldier class. Stupid I know, but I’m just not used to all the extra things that he can do and the way to activate them yet. Maybe later on I’ll truly play him more like the way he was meant to be played.

So, what system did you explore first? Think I went with Noveria. Hey… How many items can you pick up? I must have tons of stuff by now. Is there a limit???

Thanks Val,