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  • Markshire PCs:

I played through the game twice with an infiltrator on normal and hardcore modes. Sadly I only reached level 59 (1 short of the max) My infilitrator also had relations with the blue alien chic, it was hot (JK)….I used the infiltrator because I am a big fan of the sniper rifle and I thought being able to unlock stuff would be important, it really wasn’t. I got bogged down with too much gear (150 items is the max) and by the time I hit level 50 I had all the best stuff, so I turned everything into omni gel after that. When unlocking stuff, you use the highest skill of you or your companions, so if you have one of them take a bunch of decryption, theres no need for it. As you get to high levels on hardcore and insanity the need for biotics become apparent. Enemies become so well shielded and have so many abilities that biotics are needed to freeze or nuetralize them. You really have to use some strategy to take out a room full of geth or krogans (i hate those guys). You pretty much can cruise through normal only using a pistol.

You should check out some of the unlockables. When you use certain weapons or abilities you can unlock the xbox awards. Some of them let you use those abilities if you create a new character. For example I started a new adept character and added the machine gun, giving the adept a little combat skill. I am playing this character on insanity difficulty.

Another little nugget I found was that if you beat the game, you can use your character again, in the next playthrough, keeping all your gear. I played through as a paragon and then a renegade. I thought it was fun to kill some of the npcs and punch some people out, but the paragon story was much better and there were far more quests available.

As far as my course through the game, originally after leaving the citidel I went planet hopping, building levels and doing sidequest. I had done a bulk of the sidequest before I went to rescue the blue chic. I also used all of the characters evenly, which I later discovered isn’t the best idea. If you use the same companions for a certain number of missions, you earn more of those unlockable points and your character is granted bonus such as better shielding or more health. In my second playthrough, the renegade biggot, I used only the humans, and was nasty to all the alien companions, I even killed one of them.

I have read online scuttlebutt of 2 sequels planned for ME, where you can use your same character and decisions you’ve made in the first game carry into the next. We will see, I heard this about KOTOR 2 too.

Corg let me know when you finish it and I will let you know the two endings I’ve gotten. If you get stuck or need any tips, let me know.