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City of Chaos

There is a city for the evil PC’s, called the Ivory Spire. Two cities of law and order Foothold and and Stonemark. Two more cities which could be considered nuetral, though they lean more towards Law Cona and Yar. And Finally Bal’ynaz a LN city, where most are welcome, under the watchful eye of the dwarven military. What if there was a city where chaos ruled. I don’t mean chaos like Gastlinyk Gate, where the place has been demolished and monsters run amuk. I mean a place where there’s no guards, no law. Where barbarians and thieves rule. Where you can fight in the street and steal from the merchants (who had allready stolen all of his merchandise). A place where you can get drunk and pass out in the snow or speak out against the mark and noone cares. I am thinking something along the lines of a pirate port or barbarian camp.

Most PC’s spend alot of time in FH, which has turned into a police state, not unlike Stonemark. There are guards everywhere, and people are getting their hands cut off and sentenced to hard labor in the Cona mines. The axis of Markshire is law vs chaos. While the monsters, giants and trolls can represent chaos, it is much harder for a PC to embody chaos unless they are evil. Even Captain chaos himself, Sar Khan, was forced to abide by FH laws and nearly got his hand chopped off. In the city of chaos there would be no laws and you could do whatever you want.

I know the Laatneer district in stonemark has a chaotic feel to it, but it is a completely underused area, and most people have probly rarely explored it.