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More Gods

Markshire has a great pantheon of diverse dieties. There are many other gods in the actual Norse Pantheon, some have very little information about them, others have quite a bit out there. Particularly the gods/goddesses of day, night, dawn, sun, and moon. Another particularly interesting god is Vali, god of revenge, and son of odin, who might make a good addition to the evil gods as there are not that many. I came accross this info while looking for a god that may be worshipped by a necromancer or cleric who uses necromancy. There is also the wolf Fenrir, who is Hel’s brother and son of Loki. While he is mentioned in the Markshire Mythology, he could be considered a god, and worshipped accordingly. Jörmungandr, the sea serpent is another of Loki’s children, that could be considered an evil god. If anyone is interested in more info on any of these guys, I am willing to look it up and come up with a bio, alignment and domains for them.

Here’s a few I dug up off of wikipedia:

Bragi – God of poetry
Dagr – God of the daytime, son of Delling and Nótt.
Delling – God of dawn and father of Dagr by Nótt.
Eir – Goddess of healing.
Gefjun – Goddess of fertility and plough.
Hœnir – The silent god.
Iðunn – Goddess of youth. Consort: Bragi.
Kvasir – God of inspiration.
Lofn – Goddess of love.
Máni – God of Moon.
Nótt – Goddess of night
Snotra – Goddess of prudence.
Sol (Sunna) – Goddess of Sun.
Váli – God of revenge.
Vár – Goddess of contract.
Vör – Goddess of wisdom.