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  • Markshire PCs:

Though I admit some of those ideas are based more heavily on actual norse culture, than MS actually is, that is just me twisting things around a bit in my head to see what they would be like. I do not view MS as something it’s not. I am just making some of my crazy ideas public, this is the bizarro house of ideas, after all. It’s not supposed to be taken too seriously.

I present the origin of the Bizarro House of Ideas

Bizarro“, a failed clone of superman, degenerates to the point where he cannot think properly. His warped mind uses the opposite logic that we would, meaing what is good to us, Bizarro would call bad, and vice versa. Originally, in the comics, Bizarro was from another dimension, but this has since been changed, to the current Superman clone origin. Superman has various misadventures battling Bizarro, who doesn’t think he is Superman’s enemy, he believes he is helping him. To Superman, Bizarro is a minor annoyance. To Bizzaro Superman is his best friend, but that’s bad because he fights his best friends, he refers to his actual friends as his enemies, everything is backwards. Bizarro would say things like, “Me am helping Superman,” when he was actually fighting him.

When I was a kid we used to visit my dad’s crazy brother in New York once in a while. He is a writer, very eccentric and a huge Superman comics fan. He used to tell me Superman stories from the 50’s and 60’s and give me old comics. He loved the Bizzaro stories and used to apply his logic to various things to make me laugh. That’s where the idea came from, to think outside the norms or to even apply backwards logic. So the Bizarro house of ideas are, ideas for Markshire, from a Bizarro’s sort of perspective, where things are changed around a bit or even backwards. They are supposed to be bad ideas…uh..does bad mean good or is bad bad? Me can’t remember.