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@Valgrimm wrote:

The Markshire Awards or the Thrymmies

An award or reward system based on various things. These could be voted on by the staff, player base or decided by the staff. The awards ideas could include;

Role player of the year
DM of the year
Best PC biography or short story
Best DM event or plot of the year
Best new character or new RPer of the year

Rewards could range from character specific items, XP, a nifty banner in the forums or just bragging rights.

I don’t think any of these are a particularly good idea, along with “Roleplayer of the month” and other such ideas. It would cause people to try and roleplay as “best” as they can, which I think is a bum concept. There are many different types of RPers, as there are many different characters and such, and not all of them lend themselves well to large scale competitions on who is the “best”. Whoever wins such competitions will be the object of jealousy and contempt for others.

There are current systems in place to reward ALL roleplayers rather than the select elite, and I think this functions a lot better than competitions.