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@Valgrimm wrote:

Publish PC’s writings in game

Take out of game writings, that a PC has written on the forums, and make a book or a scroll in game, for other PC’s to find or read. This could be done on an individual basis, with a player approaching a staff memember and submitting their PC’s writings. A good example would be a bard creating a book of poetry that could be read in game by other PC’s. To go a step further, I personally would love to have a new PC find a book of poems from my own character, Portales, who is a poet, then meet him in game allready having read some of his work. There are alot of great tales some of the players and staff have written, that a new player would not see if they didn’t scower the forums for them. This could give them some exposure to people’s work or bios, while rewarding the writer for good RP.

I reckon this is easy as pie if you want it. Just post somewhere you’d like to publish his works, IC or OOC like this. Perhaps create the books in the toolset, they take very little time. I’d rather not see private bio’s splashed all over the in game world, though.