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@mule wrote:

I like the publishing idea, but would restrict it to works actually written by the PC… i.e. poems, or stories, or diaries. Although i’d be more restrictive on diaries (only one copy made and given to the player).

– mule

These things require that someone RPs the creation of the book. Which will include the cost of materials, etc.

If you wish to get one made, it’s a fairly simple process. RP it with a DM. The DM then makes the book and hands it out just like a custom item.

Now, if you want to mass produce a particular book for inclusion as a random loot drop or for sale somewhere, I suggest you make a deal with the Sage of Foothold for the creation of the books and subsequent sales. You could also use the owner of the Written Word in Stonemark.

As with all things involving PCs, the Players have to put in the effort. To schedule a CDS concerning a diary or a collection of poems, etc. post here.