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Lt. Tyler
  • Markshire PCs:

This was definitely a fun game to watch! In some ways it reminded me of watching the Patriots last year, where they won a lot of games but generally didn’t look very good.

Still, give credit to Cheesesteak. He outcoached the Hoodie in this game IMO. I feel bad for the guy and the situation he finds himself in.

Now, what do we take away from this game? I have to disagree with all the mouth breathers on local sports radio around here who say that this is not a blue print, and are crowing about the win. I think that’s wrong. Philly had a great game plan for both sides of the ball, and executed very well.

Against the offense, you gotta bring heat and jam the Phreak. That seemed obvious before, but I honestly don’t know how applicable it will be to other teams. Will the Pats continue to use 4 wide outs? I honestly don’t know what Bill was thinking with that one, and I haven’t yet heard from anyone who does. So I would expect to see other teams try this a bit more aggressively, as Philly’s success helps take the aura off the Pats a little. The question will be whether those other teams have success with it, or whether they quickly get burned by their aggressiveness.

Against the defense, you have to attack the secondary, which is frankly weak in coverage. I have a feeling the in routes the Eagles used will show up early and often amongst our next opponents. Luckily, Kyle Boller is one of them.

Overall, I really don’t know what to take away from this. I don’t understand the 4 wide out set game plan. I’m a little worried about the running game. How much of Philly’s defensive approach be applied by other teams? Was the Pats defense having a bad day or were these systemic flaws that can be exploited? And overall, don’t blame Hoodie or the Pats for the rest of the NFL playing them like p*ssies.

Still counting down to Dec. 9th. At least we wont be playing in a bog Bonesy.