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  • Markshire PCs:

Thank you, Dick Lebeau, for screwing up the game plan. What an ass. I could have called a better game. Didn’t the last couple or weeks teach you anything?

OVERLOAD BLITZ. The ravens did this. Don’t line up over their offensive linemen. If Brady is 5 wide, put 4 guys on one side of his line. THEY CAN’T MOVE. THEY ARE STUCK THERE.

TIGHT COVERAGE. WTF. I mean seriously, WTF. You play the DBs 15 yards off. And when they get pressure on Brady, it’s a quick zing on a slant or 5 yard out. BECAUSE ALL OF YOUR GUYS ARE STANDING 20 YARDS AWAY. IF YOU ARE IN PRESS MAN COVERAGE, THEY CAN’T THROW THOSE B.S. BUBBLE SCREENS, HOT READS, AND SCHOOL YARD FLEA-FRICKING FLICKERS.

ANTHONY SMITH. Dick, ya think maybe you shoulda told big mouth “DON’T BE MADE AN EXAMPLE OF. PLAY DEEP. YOU ARE THE SAFETY.” What an ass.

GETTING CUTE. You have a power back, you know, the one you trusted on 4th down a couple of times, and he came through? WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU RUN NOT ONE BUT TWO G.D. WIDE RECEIVER INSIDE RUNS? 4th down on the 1?!?!?!? Ass. (This one is for you Tomlin) Or pass action-playaction-get splatted by the nose tackle cute?! (Here too Tomlin, ass.) You know what other folks did to New England? They punched em in the mouth. I am ashamed to say the Squealers were afraid to do this.