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  • Markshire PCs:

*This notice is officially stamped by the Markshire Merchant Association and the royal clerk of Stonemark.*


Upcoming this next harvest moon to the Stonemark Temple District at the North Gate the Markshire Merchant Association hosts its semi-annual Scavenger Hunt. *Feb. 20 Wed*

Lord Allox Mark has approved this event for all people of Markshire. Bring a friend, pick a buddy at the starting line, or rely on your own skills. This scavenger hunt is for the more adventurous as it entails a touring of Markshire. All that collect all 6 Scavenger Tokens receive a prize!

Bring a coat, bring a walking stick, and bring allot of garlic, and allot bandages, and thick tall boots, this will be one adventure into the world you won’t soon forget!! Don’t forget, you get a prize! Be advised, one prize per set of tokens. Inquire at the event for further details.

Where: Stonemark North Gate near the garden.
When: Winter Harvest Moon. (Feb. 20th)
Time: All day.

**I will try and get it set up as early as possible in AM. DM will be handing out prizes for completions. First Clue card is at the booth. Only take one, one prize per person unless witnessed otherwise. I will arrive around 5:30pm Pacific [-8] *** 8) DM’s there will be prizes set in the ‘Lounge’ 1 bag per complete set of tokens. 8) ****