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  • Markshire PCs:

Did you ever read the book ?

If so, expect some slight dissapointment as they messed up 2 fairly major things.

If not ( and if you can let go of the details), it’s a good flick. Far Far Far better than Omega man or Last man on earth ( the other 2 films also based on the book).

I’d recommend it as it did get the tone right and Smith was very convincing as Robert Neville.

Most of my issues simply come from being a huge fan of the book ( to the point I re-read it every few years). I stress, however, that I was able to get past that and enjoy the movie quite a bit.

Slight spoilers. Highlight to read easier

My 2 biggest issues

1) The inclusion of other survivors in the middle of the movie and the religious angle that had zero to do with the book and everything to do with the” friendly rewrite ” that the execs wanted.

2)” Just as vampires were regarded as legendary monsters that preyed on the vulnerable humans in their beds, Neville has become a mythical figure that kills both vampires and the infected living while they are sleeping. He becomes a legend as the vampires once were, hence the title “I am Legend”.”

That was not touched on at all and it’s what made the book so cool and way ahead of it’s time.

2a) The monsters were very 28 days later/the mummy..bad use of CGI

Go see it, the shots of NY are fairly amazing and Smith carries things very well. I half love/Half hate the movie but I will be watching it again.

Edit-Mule go read the book, old does not mean crappy in this case. If you dig Gaiman, you find value in reading this.There is just a certain awesome vibe through the whole book that creeps up on you.