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  • Markshire PCs:

He addressed some of that over in the AICN questionaire.

In response to questions about Burma and the level of violence in general.

4.) I believe this Rambo is by far the most responsible action film I’ve ever done since “First Blood”. The content is mature and the word “violence” is being used in the wrong context. It’s a film about survival of a peaceful persecuted group of people in Burma. It’s about clashing ideals of missionaries who believe God can make all persecution go away through love and the counter force of confronting evil with bravery and a force of righteousness that people can rise up and slay tyrants if they’re willing to put their life on the line. I love this film and I believe if people go to the theatre they’ll be pleasantly surprised by it’s many layers.

“9.) I thought if this were to be the last Rambo I would hope it would serve two masters. The first, would be to provide escapism in the form of an adventure film. The second, which is by far the most important, is shedding light on a horrible depraved situation where murder, torture, rape and mutilation are an every day occurrence. If there was ever hell on earth, it would be called Burma. So depicting the atrocities, which are historically accurate in the film in the way the Burmese are systematically butchering a peaceful group of peasants called the Karen would provide a window into that part of the world for the uninformed. The Burmese military spends billions of dollars every year in Washington D.C. hiring publicity firms to completely distort the ongoing genocide, so this is the only way I can assist them and it’s a privilege to do so.”

I don’t think he’s trying to be an activist, more like what Bruce Willis did with Tears of the Sun and maybe show people something they are not aware of. He’s working with the medium he’s got and it seems to be something actors want to do as they get older. I wont laud praise on him because , as he’ll acknowledge, it’s just an action flick with a massive amount of violence but it as least is more responsible than some dude rolling around in grease shirtless before smacking 10 dudes around then sleeping with the token hot chick ( not that there is anything wrong with that….except for maybe the grease).

Stallone is a much much different type of person than he used to be, the questionaire for Rambo and especially Rocky Balboa made me see him a lot differently, he was pretty candid about his failures. It’s worth digging through the AICN site to see his answers