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  • Markshire PCs:

Some other guy uses the Barret. Don’t want to spoil it but its not JUST Rambo going in and killing everyone…was a twist I did not expect but liked quite a bit.

Splatter marks and red mist would imply there was something left and it’s the first movie that captured the ear-shattering crack of a Barret. It’s like the Angry Hammer of God …heard even over the 50 Cal Jeep mount and Ak’s on full auto.

The woman just covering her ears and crying as it went off beside her was a nice touch.

What Rambo does with the 50 Cal in the jeep was just beautiful if , perhaps a bit much…but then again its a cheap 3rd world swivel mount and he IS Rambo.One of the best uses of blood packs this side of Evil Dead.

Biggest surprise was Stallone can now bring depth to his characters, putting a lot of himself in the with Rocky Balboa. I wasn’t entirely sure he could what he did with Rocky with the Rambo character but was pleased with how it turned out.