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Let’s see …

Head Cold turned into Chest Cold turned into Respiratory Infection 2007. Not to be confused with the RI 1997. Heh, ten-year anniversary of me not being able to breathe proper like, great.

Mother’s dogs decided to offload refugees and now the couch at my place is infested … BOOM!! *bug bomb goes off*

Other then those items we’re all fine and dandy.

I turned off the computer Christmas Day (around 1pm, still had Christmas stuff to work on with it) and left it off till this afternoon. I had Monday thru Wednesday off.

Watched the Ocean’s trilogy (Clooney’s thieves not Discovery Channel) and finally watched the Sci-fi mini-series, Tin Man. This is a much more interesting take on the Wizard of Oz stories and amused me.

Also managed to get in National Treasure: Book of Secrets with the kids. Another solid flick from my arch-movie-nemesis, Nicholas Cage. Damn him for being bankable. Though, I have to admit, he’s unusually animated in these history clue movies. Must be he’s a history buff.

Got a remote starter for the car. WOOT! There was much rejoicing. Damned snow and cold won’t be bothering me no more. Now, just have to get it installed. This is where it’s helpful to know certain people who are car electronics savvy and will cut you a deal on said installation.

So there you have it. A wonderfully quiet Christmas of me wheezing and coughing, watching movies and catching up on some zzzz’s.