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Nice to hear all the happy gift receivers here. I got some under shirts, ya’know the Hanes stuff. I also got a griddle, 22″. WOOP! Now I can cook eggs and panacakes with ease and all at the same time. I love brerakfast foods and can cook them all, nearly, very well. This new Apt. has only 2 burners and no stove, so this was a great addition to my cooking resources. And, well that’s it. We draw names and are supposed to only buy one gift for the name you received and keep it around $20.

No christmas!? Leave it to a rock-star to tell us Christmas is bad and meat is bad, but his meat is good and his gifts are grand only $12.99 at your local records store…(though the gift of music is piceless) I won’t worry until you tell us to convert to scientology. hehehe

This year I did well, so I went to Archie Mcphee’s and got 10 extra gifts for gameplay prizes. Great store. My mother bought “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” the board game. (card trivia) The gummy haagas and the angry scottsman gifts really hit the mark. Lots of laughter and fun.

Best Christmas ever, thus far. Despite only getting a griddle. I did get a book to guide me to author-dum. Maybe my stories will improve and beccome more like a book like I hoped for. That was from my name drawer. I got my mom a yard orniment called the Frog King. A crowned frog holding a solar powered orb with a bulb in it. I painted it with some nice vivid colors and made her feel guilty about only geting me a griddle. All in all, greatness!

When I got home, I turned on my PC, which I turn off everytime I leave for more than just a day trip. This time the monitor didn’t ‘wake-up’. My 19″ Hitachi flat screen super monitor won’t charge the tube. My back-up lcd is actually working, but most of my games aren’t working…they won’t load up, simply cause I changed monitors? Maybe.

I reloaded GTA San andreas and Viola? Yes and no. Error! Error! My slave HDD failure… )*&#$)%*#)$%*&(#%&^&*$ The cascading failures begins…. Right now using laptop from work again. I did get 500 smackers from xmas bonus, might be getting new MOBO and vid card and HDD and monitor if IU can find all in the right price sum.