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  • Markshire PCs:

Well, somebody vote, for pete’s sake! 🙂

Stereo – Yes.
TV – There was a small one, but nothing spectacular.
Full kitchen.

If you’re looking for a digital gaming emporium, this ain’t it. It is a family vacation house with the earlier mentioned fields, beach, dock, etc. Oh, and a HUGE long table – like 15 feet long, and 4 feet wide – perfect for PnP.
Vlan can fill in the details, but he is away for a week or so. He’ll chime in when he gets back, I’m sure.
The web address was for the area, so you can see what’s nearby and activities available. They rent boats and stuff on the lake.
It really depends what everyone is looking for. I personally think either place would be kickin’, I just know the LG house, so of course I’m biased towards it.
Keep in mind as well, that sooner or later the significant others will start asking “Where are you going?” and may demand to come “with”. So, the wild free for alls and storming of the tower may have to calm down a bit…. 🙄