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I dont know if my opinion counts as professional Opi but for what it is worth here you go….

They look like quality components to me, I like ASUS, MSI and Kingston. Although they are probably not considered to be super high end performance parts I am sure they they would eat NWN1 and hold their own in NWN2, if that is your objective. Having said that since I upgraded my video card and was then forced to upgrade my nvidia driver I have had scrambled textures popping up in NWN1. A common problem I believe.

A few thoughts:

Processor – You might be better with a higher speed single core processor if you are going to be gaming most of the time ( rather than (say) encoding ). For dual core I still like AMD but quite a few people seem to have shifted to Intel. Any good deals there?

Memory – If you have have any $ left … 2 GB made a BIG difference to me with many of the newer games for a relatively small cost.

Overall – I wonder, since you are buying a motherboard, processor, memory and video card whether it might be cheaper to buy a bare bones system of similar specification and swap your disks into it? You would get a new case and PSU that way and can keep your old system functional … just in case 🙂

Hope some of that was useful! Good luck.