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Dual Core Issues

Neverwinter Nights 2’s engine is not optimized (‘multithreaded’) for dual core CPUs. As such the game only uses the equivalent of one CPU at any time, and can’t be forced to fully utilize both for better performance. Worse still, the developers have stated that the game may experience issues or reduced performance on dual core CPUs (See the game’s Readme.rtf file). To prevent this, I firstly recommend that all AMD dual core CPU users install the AMD Dual Core Optimizer Utility which fixes a potential timing conflict in some games. For both AMD and Intel users who still feel like their dual core CPU could be the cause of problems in NWN2, you can run the game in single core mode by changing its affinity. Note that the game’s Toolset can utilize dual cores efficiently, just not the main game engine itself.

This is the sort of thing I’ve read. Then again I have a dual core AMD processor and it runs NWN2 fine! I believe the toolset IS multi-threaded so if it was me … I’d go with what you picked 🙂