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  • Markshire PCs:

some advice. My systems got similar specs. There is a Dual core option in NWN1 so that you can tell it to just run on one core otherwise it runs like crack.. some very werid stuff happens. NWN2 runs fine on a dualcore.

The latest Nvidia drivers have screwed up NWN1, not sure about NWN2 yet. First it was the black screen of doom and when they released the new drivers it made it so that NWN1 runs laggy. You get sudden lag spikes (read low low frame rates) interspersed with normal speeds. Alternates about every 3 seconds. I’m not sure which drivers you’ll have to run with on that card but I bet you’ll have a choice of either the black screen or the lag. I am hoping they release new drivers to fix both soon.

The rest looks good, and cheap.

– mule